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GAZUR STUDIO based in Berlin designed by two Israeli designers, Shahar waks and Noam Sharet ,  is an eco-conscious brand focused on creating limited edition bags, wallets and accessories from high quality upcycled leather.

The term Upcycled means that all the leather that we use at GAZUR STUDIO, comes from left overs of leather production.

The decision to use upcycled leather is due to awareness that the production process should focus on having less negative impact on the surrounding environment.

The use of upcycled materials draws attention to the randomaliry of creation and therefore the uniqueness of each bag.

The Brand creates bags defined by functionality and minimal design, carefully handcrafted with attention to every detail, with a result of high utility, aesthetics and comfort.

Each piece is crafted to provide you a lifetime of use and enjoyment

We take great pride in quality and craftsmanship and believe your bags and accessories are an expression of yourself and your personality. Collections are created in limited editions of an ever changing range of textures and colors, so you rest assure that your new bag is both unique and environmental friendly.


Gazur Studio
Shahar Waks
Braunschweiger st 72
12055 Berlin
[email protected]

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