I founded Eve Black Hawaii in 2010 on the island of Maui,Hawaii where I stranded after spending most of my life traveling and living in different corners of the world.
My first inspiration was my dad ,a geologist and montaineer who sparked my love for stones and adventure travel at age 4 when he took my to the Sahara dessert in a VW Bus to search for stones and create maps.
After studying and graduating as an Architect in Europe I studied Interior Design and Photography in Los Angeles.Creating jewelry combines my love for colored gem stones and art & design and enables me to keep on traveling to find beautiful stones and sell them internationally.
In addition I am working on photography projects and started to paint.
Eve Black Hawaii jewelry is shown in Hawaii and Europe in such diverse venues as our local market on Maui and the ‚Premium Mercedes Benz Fashion Week‘ in Berlin, Germany…and anywhere in between.
I will still be traveling ….and enjoying the Ocean…and only producing one piece at a time in my garden studio. But finally those pieces can be yours without one of us having to travel thousands of miles!

Enjoy & Aloha from Maui !
Eve Black Hawaii



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